mercoledì, maggio 11, 2005


Mom and I decided that a good goal for me to strive towards before I officially graduate is to make a handwritten copy of the New Testament.
Anyone who heard Jonathan Lindvall speak a few weeks ago will not wonder where this idea came from. His children will do the entire Bible though (wow!).
I thought about trying to do the whole Bible, but discarded the thought after 5 seconds of meditation. I can hardly read through the Bible in a year, much less write it all out.
With that said, I hope that I will one day write the Old Testament as well.

We decided that I should do this for numerous reasons, a few of which I will list here:
1) It would be a wonderful and educational discipline
2) I would like to be able to pass it down in my family (how cool would that be?!)
3) I like having a goal to strive towards. When people say, "When do you graduate?" I can say "As soon as I finish the rest of my work" and state how much time it will take to finish from where I am at that point.

Well, I miss James and Christian in blog-world. I will forgive James though because I understand that he is very busy and has much on his plate.
Christian, however...well...I'll assume that he is using his time more efficiently than posting on a blog and forgive him as well :)

~Robin <><

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Avalon's Fountains ha detto...

Hi Robin sorry that I have not posted in awhile, ( Ok a month!) but I have reached a new mesa in music!

P.S I will go back and comment on your missed posts.

Robin ha detto...

Good to hear from you again!
I'm glad that music is going well. I wish I could say the same for me, but alas, mine has been greatly neglected of late...

~Robin <><

James ha detto...

Same here (with music). I haven't picked up the thing in ages.

What version will you translate from?

I'll get back to blogging one of these days. Hopefully I'll get sick again soon, or something.

Robin ha detto...

Well, I started it in NASB because that is my favorite translation.I was going to do it in KJV anyway, even though I don't like it as much, just because that seemed like the styrotypical thing to do. Merisha (believe it or not) is the one who encouraged me to follow my heart and write NASB. I was thrilled with that decision and set to work that day.
After I finished a few chapters I my horror...that I was copying out of the Updated NASB. This very much aggravated me, but alas, I had already begun. It isn't much different from the NASB, but a few of the "updated" phrases sort of grate on me.
Oh well, perhaps I'll finish Matthew in this one then make a graceful change to the real (origianl) NASB. I'll, of course, make a note in the front saying that I did such (if, indeed I do it).
So, that is my long reply to a very simple question.
Suggestions, anyone?

Avalon's Fountains ha detto...

Howdy Robin! Just wanted to let you know that I'm back to blogging. I have two new post, and all that whatnot!