sabato, giugno 10, 2006

Home Sweet Home

Well, we are back from a great time St Louis! What a busy trip!
Though the best part was being reunited with a couple of families from New Orleans, another highlight was the day that we got to do some sightseeing, which was very fun. We went to see the Missouri river and got to visit the famous St. Louis arch. It's huge!!

After spending 10 days in an Italian household, my Italian has improved a little. I can now speak even more important words such as please, thank you and chocolate. :)

Tonight Merisha and I are playing our first paying wedding ceremony. Preludes are no big deal, but playing the Bridal Chorus and the Wedding March are nerve racking because they are at such an important time in the ceremony. They are so well known and everyone is completely silent listening to you and watching the bride.
The rehearsal last night went very well and though I'm a little bit nervous, I am really looking forward to the wedding this evening.

Anyway, my computer is dead at home, so thank goodness for library computers!


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James ha detto...

Glad you had a great time. I've always wanted to see the arch thingie. It's like bubble gum- really cool, but without any real purpose.

Hope the ceremony goes well