giovedì, agosto 17, 2006

Back from Bootcamp and Watching Time Fly

Last weekend I had the wonderful opportunity to attend the Entrepreneurial Bootcamp put on by Vision Forum. It was incredible! The sessions were long, and almost always ran over, but I found myself not wanting them to end. A few of the speakers were Arnold Pent, Scott Brown, Geoff Botkin and, of course, Doug Phillips. I learned a lot of practical stuff, like marketing etc. but I think the best part of the weekend was the encouragement. Doug Phillips' "Big Picture" talk was one that I will be listening to on CD and remembering for a long time. It was very neat to see people who have family businesses with biblical standards who have been successful not only by obtaining earthly wealth but also, and most importantly, "heavenly capital".
At the end of the last session, we went up and talked to several of the speakers to find out any advice they had for us in our shall we say?...Particular circumstances. Some of them had some very good practical advice and encouragement, but Mr. Brown's answer was probably my favorite - "Wow, I have no idea...can I pray for you?" Honesty and prayers always welcome!

On the way up and back we had to opportunity to spend time with very dear friends whom we haven't seen in what seems like an eternity. This was a huge blessing for us!
I found out that one of my friends joined the Marines since I've seen him seems like just yesterday he was 13 and throwing dead animals at me. How time flies!

Yes, time really does fly. As I have been thinking lately about the brevity of life, I recall when I was younger and how time seemed to hold still. A minute, an hour, a week, all seemed to take an eternity. To think of something happening "next year" seemed like it might as well be in another millennium.
But now, I look back over my short life and I see just how much it has flown by. I can now identify with Psalm 39:4-5 where in his distress David cried "Behold, You have made my days as handbreadths, and my lifetime as nothing in Your sight; surely every man at his best is a mere breath. Surely every man walks about as a phantom; surely they make an uproar for nothing; he amasses riches and does not know who will gather them." Also Psalm 90:10 "As for the days of our life, they contain seventy years, or if due to strength, eighty years, yet their pride is but labor and sorrow; For soon it is gone and we fly away."
While I lived in Katy, I read a book by John Piper called Don't Waste Your Life. On the first few pages was a quote that I liked:
"Only one life,
'Twill soon be past;
Only what's done
for Christ will last."
It's very simple, and I didn't think much about it at the time. But as the months have rolled along, I think of that little quote more and more.
Only one life, 'twill soon be past. Do I really understand just how short life is? No, I don't think I do. If I did, I can't imagine that I'd ever waste a moment of it.
Only what's done for Christ will last. Do I believe that? My reaction answer would to answer "Of course!" But I think sometimes that if I had a real grasp of that concept - that everything is useless if it be not for Christ - my life would look quite different. The books I read would be different, the movies I watch, the things I think about during the day, the people I talk to and what I talk to them about, these would all be different (or would at least be in a different perspective) if I could really grasp the concept of the brevity of life.

With this I leave you. Admonition to all of Israel by Joshua shortly before his death.
"Be very firm, then, to keep and do all that is written in the book of the law of Moses, so that you may not turn aside from it to the right hand or to the left, so that you will not associate with these nations, these which remain among you, or mention the name of their gods, or make anyone swear by them, or serve them, or bow down to them. But you are to cling to the LORD your God, as you have done this day. For the LORD has driven out great and strong nations from before you; and as for you, no man has stood before you to this day. One of your men puts to flight a thousands for the LORD your God is He who fights for you, just as He promised you. So take diligent heed to yourselves to love the LORD your God...Now behold, today I am going the way of all the earth, and you know in all your hearts and in all your souls that not one word of all the good words which the LORD your God spoke concerning you has failed; all have been fufilled for you, not one of them has failed."
Joshua 23:6-11, 14

~Robin <><

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