mercoledì, novembre 15, 2006

A phone conversation I had tonight

"Hi-ya Daddy!"
"Hi, Robin, how are yo - wait, is that a MAN'S voice I hear in the background?"
"Mm-hmm, I'm at -"
"Roooobin, I guess I should now ask his name? Where does he live?"
"What does he drive? How long have you known him?"
"Dad, he's -"
"Is he a nice guy?"
"Dad! I'm at church! You're hearing voices because bible study just let out and people are talking."

I think I've got a loooong few years ahead of me...

2 commenti:

James ha detto...

So is he a nice guy?


Robin ha detto...

Haha, yes, the guys that were talking in the background are nice. But I think just about everyone that I've met at Parkway has been nice ;)