mercoledì, dicembre 13, 2006


Today is a wonderful day. It all started with a long (for me!) bike ride of about 6 miles on the Natchez Trace with a new friend. In fact, I realized that this is the first "one-on-one" time I've had with any of my new acquaintances in Natchez since I moved here. I guess I mostly do stuff with groups and always with Merisha. Anyway, it made me feel energized and happy :-)
Soo, then I picked up my little charge and spent the morning babbling to him in baby-talk. For lunch, Merisha and I played for the Rotary Club (a meeting of lots of important and influential people) and they all LOVED the music. We even got a standing ovation, which surprised me to no end. After we were finished, we had lots of people ask for our business cards and even booked events to play this very week! Yay!
And tonight I'm eating dinner with another new friend and then will see some church people, which I always look forward to. Maybe we'll even play some music tonight!

So anyway, God is (of course) good even when things are going badly, being Sovereign as He is. But today I'm grateful to Him for blessing me with a happy day :-)
I'm glad not every day is this good...I probably wouldn't appreciate them nearly as much if they were.

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Daniel and Christa Blanchard ha detto...

Glad to hear everything is going well with thee! Tell everyone that I said"hi"!


Robin ha detto...

Christa (and Daniel, of course!),
I shall, I shall! Glad to hear that things are going well with you also...I can't believe you're MARRIED!!! :-D

Daniel and Christa Blanchard ha detto...

I am enjoying married life. I did not know that married life was such an adventure! A FUN adventure! :-)

Could you send me your email address?

Mine is

May God bless you and your family this Christmas and New Year!


Robin ha detto...

Of course...I'm sending that to you right now! Love you!