mercoledì, novembre 28, 2007

Thanksmas 2007

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. The main reason is because it is the one time a year that all of my family is together under one roof for a few days. It always amazes me how I can only see my cousins once a year, yet each time we see each other, we pick up right back up where we left off. Another reason is because it is one holiday that is relatively uncomercialized. I like that I can walk through a store without being bombarded with advertisements telling me that if I REALLY loved someone, I'd buy them a particular item.

This Thanksgiving I was particularly grateful to have all of my family together as my grandmother was diagnosed with breast cancer a couple of weeks ago. They say when someone in your family has cancer, it changes your entire outlook on life. I think that may be true. I found myself looking around the house at my family and thinking "Life is short, a mere breath then it passes away. We won't all be together long, but I am so blessed that we are together today." Every Thanksgiving I post about how grateful I am for my family, but if it's worth saying once, it's worth saying over and over again! I'm fairly convinced that I have the most wonderful family ever. Praise God for families that are centered around Him!!

All of us!

Cole meets the family. He doesn't look too nervous...
In front of the Thanksmas tree :-)

When I've been married as long as my grandparents have, I want to still be this sweet. The love they have for one another is more evident with each passing year.

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Merisha ha detto...

Our grandparents are REALLY cute. I want to be that cute when I'm old.

A Tiger Fan in Bulldog Country ha detto...

Your grandparents are so cute! I miss you so much!!! But I will get to see you very soon!!!

clairestrebeck ha detto...

yes, they are cute. and i'm glad they're well again. :)