mercoledì, settembre 30, 2009


I have learned over the years that I adapt very quickly to my surroundings. In a hut in the jungle, house sitting in a mansion, in a cabin in Colorado, it's all the same to me. Wherever I am, I am at home. But there's something different about leaving a home you've known and knowing you'll never return. When we moved out of our little apartment last Saturday I was almost sad. The place where our life together began, where we spent our first Christmas together, where we found out we were having a baby. In just a year so many memories were made there. When we dropped the keys in the slot on the office door at 10:00 last Sunday night and drove away, I felt homesick. But it was time.
Now, I'm settling in to our new home and looking forward to the memories we will have here. Bringing Selina home with us in just a few weeks will hopefully be the first of many happy times that make a home feel like a home. I feel a great sense of accomplishment as a walk through each room and see the (almost!) finished result of all of our hard work. When I opened all of the windows this morning to let in the beautiful fall air, sat snugly on the sofa with a cup of coffee and closed my eyes, I felt almost giddy about the new beginning. Yes, this place too will be my home.

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Merisha ha detto...

I love new beginnings. And this is the perfect time for year for them :-)