mercoledì, giugno 15, 2005

Thoughts on myself and others...

I went to a party last night.
I had a nice time and was happy to be reunited with a few acquaintances.
While there, though, I made several interesting observations.

#1 People (especially teenagers) treat me differently when I’m wearing a dress as opposed to jeans.
Not that I am treated badly, mind you, just differently. Everyone was still amiable and cordial, but there was a sort of underlying sense of not completely fitting in with the rest of the girls. I suppose it’s rather hard to explain, and I shan’t attempt it any further.
#2 I have nervous eating habits.
When I’m a little nervous, I snack a lot. When I’m very nervous, I totally lose my appetite.
#3 People think that I’m different.
Since not everyone at the party knew each other, the hostess went around the room and said everyone’s names and something about them. There was the “ghetto, preppy” guy, the girl “who screams a lot” etc. etc. When she got around to me, she said “Robin! She –” a look of shock crossed her face “- she – well…” her face went from shock to confusion. She searched for the right description for what seemed like a very long time. Finally - “Uh….she has brown hair.” “Wow, thanks…what a complement!” I said in mock distain. I was completely un-offended, but wondered at the fact that my hair color is the only thing there was to be said for me. Lovely!
#4 I think that other people are different
I shan’t blame anyone for thinking that I’m different, because it is mutual. Difference is not a bad thing, but it is still an undeniable and unmistakable development.
I look around the room of a dozen or more teenagers and thought “Dissimilar. That’s what we are.”
My suspicions were confirmed when they announced that one of the games would be rolling people up in toilet paper and sending them frolicking about the front lawn. “Mummy”, I believe the game was called. Curiouser and curiouser.

Anyway, even though age was the only thing I had in common with most people there, it was a nice evening. Celebrating birthdays are almost always such.

I have been told that my blog is too serious, and what can I say in my defense? Nothing, I suppose. I did think for a fleeting moment about attempting a humorous post, but quickly dismissed the idea. There is nothing so unfunny than someone trying to be so. So, I have resigned myself to continuing as I always have…
I have a few drafts on different subjects, so it shouldn't be quite as long between this post and the next.

So long everyone!

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James ha detto...

I can relate to a lot of that. Just in different ways:

#1 People treat me diffrently when I'm wearing my Oriental rice farmer hat.

#2 Same thing. I normally eat very little (if at all) at social gatherings.

#3 People do not have a hard time classifying me. But they all make the same classification- James is weird. Not that I mind, I'm sure I could be normal if I wanted to; I just don't want to :P

#4 Celebrate Diversity!

I don't think your blog is too serious. Whoever said such a dreadful, awful thing should be shot.

Robin ha detto...

I enjoyed reading your're quite a trip sometimes.

Actually, Merisha told me that the blog is too serious, but if you say so... ;)

~Robin <><

Avalon's Fountains ha detto...

Don't worry people, ya want a blog that ain't serious read mine!

Da people treat you diffrently when you have that THING on James!

I'm classifed as DA SWAMP CELT BOY tm@!

Yep I finally got it trade marked!