domenica, gennaio 29, 2006

Happy Birthday!

Today is Melissa McDonald's 18th birthday. Though we haven't had a whole lot of time to get to know each other since she is usually at home while I'm usually at the store, I have made certain observations of her.
She was the first McDonald I met on our very first visit to Katy. One of the first things I noticed about her was that she is often very quiet. I'm not, as you all well know, so to see a quiet person always intrigues me. I suppose that is because finding someone who knows when to keep their mouth shut is such a rare find. Once I got to know her a little better, I learned that though she is still one of the quietest in the family, she has quite a sense of humor about her.

Another thing that is immediately apparent is that she is amazing in caring for the children. Firm, yet kind. Loving them enough to not give into their every whim. Fair and balanced in her judgments and consistent even when it hurts. Sometimes I think that she's just about to give in to the insistence of one of her little charges, but no. I haven't seen her back down yet.

So many happy returns of the day, my dear. I feel so young now that you have abandoned me and left be as a young 17 yr old. Don't get too used to being older, though. My birthday is only a week away. We shall be the same age again soon :)

~Your Twin (well, PRACTICALLY...)

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Melissa ha detto...

Thanks so much Robin!
You know, I really love blogs because you can tell what people really think about you!:-)

Your Twin,


Avalon's Fountains ha detto...

The whole age thing is a mere secular thing, curse this world of darkness...

Robin ha detto...

What's that supposed to mean? We know the ages at death of probably hundreds of biblical characters.