domenica, maggio 21, 2006

MHEA Conference

This past weekend was Mississippi's homeschool conference. Mr. Doug Phillips was supposed to speak, but was instead in the hospital with kidney stones. He sent Geoffrey Botkin in his place.
It was very good and we were able to make a few connections about finding a church somewhere within 100 miles! Today we'll be visiting a Reformed Baptist church in Port Gibson (about an hour north, but it's a beautiful drive up the Natchez Trace). So, we'll see! We got the names of a few other churches to try, so we'll be busy visiting churches for the next several Sundays.
Anyway, the conference wasn't very big (at least not compared to the Louisiana conference), but they had some very knowledgeable speakers who delivered some very convicting talks.
All in all, it was definitely worth the drive to Jackson.

Merisha and I are in the Sunday paper here in Natchez today, so we're excited about getting our name out and seeing what kind of response we get from it.
Many of our friends have told us "Oh, you've got to play at my wedding! Reserve a Saturday for me in about 5 years."
None of them have grooms, but hey, they've got musicians lined up :)

Anyway, I must get going...I would have posted sooner but my computer is quite fickle and likes to freeze up etc.

~Robin <><

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James ha detto...

We've acually started visiting churches too. Not that we've quite given up on the Carlins yet, but we've been trying to visit a local church on Wednesday nights.

Anyway, hope the church hunting goes good!
Catch ya later,