lunedì, maggio 08, 2006

Katy Run

Well, we got our first load from the storage building in Katy this past weekend.
We received help from some very kind people from our church there and were able to get over half of the stuff loaded up in just a few hours.
It was quite a treat to be able to see some friends there in Katy that we haven't seen since our initial move.

The drive was long, but had it's comic relief moments (on Hwy 84, we passed a sign on the side of a building that had a picture of a women with long dark hair and read: "Virtuous Women Fitness and Tanning." For some reason that struck us as funny and got a bit of mileage out of it. Perhaps we were just tired!)
Anyway, it rained the entire way back from Katy (very hard for the first several hours) and since I come from a family who has bad weather phobia, it was a bit tense.
We all survived, though! We'll be making another trip in the next week or two to get the rest of our stuff.
I'm definitely looking forward to having the move behind us and getting settled in!

~Robin <><

2 commenti:

James ha detto...

Glad the move went well! Or the first stage of he move, at least.

Avalon's Fountains ha detto...

Hi Robin. Moving is a pain. I like rain when driving, it helps me think about other things (my books!) then what's out the window.

Hope to see you soon!