sabato, luglio 19, 2008


Today I will be playing flute for my friend Brooke's wedding. Being in weddings these days is a lot different than it used to be. It used to be a job, and occasionally I'd have a slight feeling of "this is going to be me one day...", but for the most part, I'd show up, play, eat wedding cake, and go on with my day. Now I feel like I should walk around all of these weddings with notebook in hand writing down ideas I would like to incorporate, decorations that look nice, what food is eaten most, and what things to avoid like the plague. I usually handle stress very well, but I'm finding myself laying in bed at night wondering what shoes I'll wear at the wedding, if all of the whites and blues in the decorations will go together, how many tulle bags I'm going to need for birdseed, rather or not I'll have enough decorations.... the list goes on.
This is ridiculous because I'm pretty ahead of the game as far as planning goes. Within the first month, I had all of my major vendors booked, my wedding party (mostly) chosen, all of my colors picked out and was care free as could be. But it's the details, which to me are the most important part, that are tripping me up. Mostly the music, now that I think about it. Being a musician, choosing music is a very difficult thing for me to do. I want it all, but on the other hand, none of it is nearly good enough! The only music I'm not worried about at all is my reception music. A couple of incredibly talented friends will be providing the music for that and anything they play or sing is going to be wonderful.
Alright. I've decided. My goal for this coming week is going to be choosing wedding ceremony music.

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clairestrebeck ha detto...

:) Sounds good.

brookesoontobejones ha detto...

your flute playing was beautiful! so what notes did you take down from my wedding?