martedì, luglio 22, 2008


Why don't Christian's pray more? If we really believed in prayer like we say we do, and were confident in it's power, I think we would. But somewhere along the way, most Christian's loose sense of the incredible nature of prayer. If you think about it, it's really one of the most incredible things we will ever do. To be able to approach the Creator of the Universe, the One who holds all of life in His hand is really a sobering thought. Nowadays, when someone says "I'll pray for you" it means little more than "good luck!" I'm quite guilty of this myself. I always have the best of intentions of praying for that person, and probably do at least once, but somehow I get so busy thinking and doing a million different things, I forget one of the most important things I can do in a day.
The mystery of prayer never ceases to astound me. The balance of God's sovereignty and our responsibility to obey is quite a bit over my head. All I know is this: God is sovereign and His will will be accomplished. He has commanded that I pray and in doing this, I have the privilege of being involved in His work. Just another reminder that He is God and I am not. Oh how unfathomable are His ways! Somehow not always completely understanding Him makes me feel more secure, not less.

A random update: I chose my wedding ceremony music! It was not nearly as much of a big deal as I had myself believeing it was :-)

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:) well, good, i'm glad that that's settled! :)

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good post!


YAY for choosing music!!

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i changed my site name to

brookejones ha detto...

i just remembered you asked for my address:
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