martedì, novembre 04, 2008

The Beginning

In four days my life will change. I don't know exactly what that means yet, but I'm excited to find out. I have moments of nervousness and fear, but for the most part I'm just thrilled to be on the verge of the beginning of the rest of my life.
The wedding won't be perfect, I know, but I really think it will be beautiful. There is still only a 10% chance of rain and the tempature should be absolutely wonderful! I have full confidence in my wedding coordinator, musicians, and friends and family who have offered to pull together to get everything ready. I still have several things on my "To Do" list, but nothing I can't manage.
A friend told me when I set this blog up several years ago "Once you get married, what are you going to do about the name of your blog? Change it to Matron-No-Longer-In-Waiting?" :-)
I still haven't decided about that. If you read one of the first posts I ever write, it could make sense to keep the current name, but I don't know. Hmm.
Okay, that was a bunny trail. Back to the subject. I'm excited! And even if nothing goes how its supposed to, I'm going home as the wife of the man I love. To me, that's perfect.

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clairestrebeck ha detto...

such a sweet post :)

A Tiger Fan in Bulldog Country ha detto...

I agree with Claire!! I cannot wait to see y'all this weekend! i'm so sad, I missed you this weekend!

A Tiger Fan in Bulldog Country ha detto...

If anyone reads this and wants to see pictures from the wedding, i put a few that i took on my blog.

Daniel and Christa Blanchard ha detto...

Congratulations!! You are married!! Time to update your blog! :-)

Robin ha detto...

True! And I shall very soon :-)