giovedì, novembre 20, 2008

The Wedding, the Honeymoon, and Life as a Wife

I'm happy to report that my wedding was everything I'd hoped and dreamed it would be. The weather was perfect, my musicians followed through beautifully, I managed to keep it a secret that I would sing a song to Cole and that I had enlaid his wedding band with stones from my purity ring, we both said I do and lots of people cried. Cole surprised me with a horse and carriage to take us from the church to the reception, the cake was delicious and no one fell off of the bluff. There are a hundred other things that went beautifully, and very few that didn't. The best part is that I was not nervous at all! The day before the wedding I was, very much. Even at the bridesmaid breakfast on the morning of the wedding I was on pins and needles. I don't know what happened after that, though, because I was incredibly chill for the rest of the day, which was amazing.
I'm very glad that I will have photographs and a video, because even though I thoroughly enjoyed the wedding day, so much happened! I feel like it all went by so quickly.
The honeymoon in the Rocky Mountains was amazing! I had always wanted to visit there and I definitely wasn't disapointed. The weather was wonderfuly snowy and sunny, the mountains were beautiful and the people were - without exception - incredibly nice.
Now it's back to real life, and call me a newly wed with her head in the clouds, but I'm enjoying it. I told a friend of mine on the way back from my honeymoon "I guess it's back to reality!" and she replied "Yeah, but reality is so much better now because you have each other." I have found this to be true. I love being married and responsible for my own home. It's a lot of responsibility, but it is also brings me much joy.
As I read over this post it's a bit unlike my other posts. It's a bit thrown together and random. I almost deleated the entire thing and started fresh, but no. It'd take me ten years to write a detailed post of everything that has happened in the past couple of weeks. I may go back and write details on things, but here is an overview of my life so far :-)

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brookejones ha detto...

I don't think i've ever been quoted before. what an honor! ;) Marriage is just goodness :) I love it too. Oh, and you did have an absolutely beautiful wedding! and deny it all you want to ashley, it was incredibly sappy...but in the best of ways! it very much pictured your personality as a couple, which i think is a qualification for a good wedding.

Robin ha detto...

Thank you, my dear! Honestly, I knew it would be sappy, which is one of the reasons we had it small. I didn't figure most people would enjoy it unless they knew us well ;-)
And if I suceeded in it portray our personalities, I am happy!

A Tiger Fan in Bulldog Country ha detto...

I agree with Brooke! That is exactly what I have told everyone that the wedding was very you and cole and was perfect for you!!

clairestrebeck ha detto...

i'm glad you kept the post. i enjoyed it. and i enjoyed the wedding. :)