venerdì, marzo 13, 2009


I had a dream last night that I had a baby girl and she wasn't very cute, but I loved her anyway.
Anyway, life has been very interesting over the past few weeks. We had Sam for a week while his parents were in St Thomas, so that was fun, but pretty exhausting.
Merisha's going to have a baby! I'm going with her to her first doctor's appoitment on Wednesday, which is very exciting. I think we should be able to hear the heartbeat and maybe even see a little blob :-)
Also, Cole got a new job! This was very exciting, even though God amazingly provided for us in the 6 weeks between jobs. I find that when I think too much about my circumstances I get worried and my trust in God starts to fade. The balance between being a responsible human being and trusting God in all things is sometimes a difficult rope to walk. But there really are circumstances in life that are completely and totally out of your own control. You do what you can to be responsible and try different things, but at the end of the day, you realize you're completely helpless. I've found myself in that place over and over in my life, and it always amazes me that the faithfulness of God really is never failing. Over the past few weeks there were a few times when I focused on my circumstances a little too much and freaked out, but all in all, I tried to remind myself about all of the other times God has been faithful in my life, and about his promises. Not that I believe being a Christian automatically means an easy life - far from it. But it means you're not alone in your struggles. It means that in the times of the most difficult trials, he carries you. There is nothing more comforting to me than that.

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clairestrebeck ha detto...

good post. i hope she gets pictures of little "fred" :) or "fredina" so we can see, too.

clairestrebeck ha detto...

heh heh...uhh, yeah... we "accidentally" ate those... heh heh..... i'll let you know when i make more...