lunedì, febbraio 14, 2005

A Living Chalice

Below is a short, yet profound quote about the gift of motherhood. It is an excerpt from an article that one of my guy friends wrote on the different roles of ladies and gentlemen. It portrays a concept which I have always embraced, yet I have never heard stated in this precise way. I had to read it slowly a few times before it really sunk in.

"Ladies, understand that you are a living chalice created to someday bear souls for which Christ died. There is no greater calling and gift than that."

-Joshua Zurengue, Knights and Princesses
Written on St. Valentine's Day, 2002

3 commenti:

Leah ha detto...

I thought you wrote "Knights and Princesses?"

Robin ha detto...

I did write one with that title, but he wrote another one with a smilar title (but I couldn't remember exactly what it was his was "Knights and Princesses - Reflections on St. Valentie's Day"
or something like that). Sorry for the confusion :)

Anonimo ha detto...

I love that. Thanks. Love you