venerdì, febbraio 11, 2005

Top 15

Well, as we all know by now, I will not be out done. Two of my friends today have posted their top 13 favorite fictitious characters. Since I don't know 13 fictitious characters that I like, I have decided to post the titles of my 15 favorite songs (in no particular order).
A waste of time to be sure, and probably interesting only to me....
Without any further ado:
1)I Can Only Imagine - MercyMe
2)Be Thou My Vision - Hymn
3)Spoken For - MercyMe
4)There is a Fountain - Hymn
5)Carrickfergus - A lovely Irish tune
6)You Raise Me Up - Especially when Selah or Josh Groban sing it...
7)This is Your Time - Michael W. Smith
8)Be Still, My Soul - Hymn
9)I Surrender - Leslie Ludy
10)In the Garden - A Family Favorite Hymn...
11)On My Cross - FFH
12)The Anchor Holds - Ray Boltz
13)I Promise - Jaci Valasquez
14)Were It Not for Grace
15)Give Me Jesus - Hymn

If there are any of these that you haven't heard yet, you are really missing out!


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James ha detto...

You'll still be outdone. For tommorow I can assure you Leah and I will also post our 15 favorite songs. So in that regard we'll be even. You, however, still will not have posted your 13 favorite characters. Hehehe.
Anyway, I've heard a lot of those, not all. I'm not very fond of Jaci Valasquez or Michael W. Smith. In fact, I'm very actively not fond of them.

Robin ha detto...

Argh!! Well, I guess I'll start trying to figure out 13 people. Leah said that you can use movie characters too, which will help me out.
In my defense, I must say that I also can't stand Jaci Valasquez. I've never actually heard her sing "I Promise" but my voice teacher gave me the sheet music and I play and sing it. It has great lyrics...
As for Michael W. Smith, I like some of his stuff, but not all. I many of his recent CDs, but have only a few of the songs which I am particularly attached to.

~Robin <><

Anonimo ha detto...

I hope you don't mind if I read your blog I am one of James old friends


Robin ha detto...

It's fine...I think James' friends are probably safe :)


emily ha detto...

happy >belated< birthday robin!! i love you!!!!!

James ha detto...

James' friends safe? I think not!

Robin ha detto...

Thanks Emily! You have a birthday coming up too don't you? It's a good thing you posted that, or else I might have forgotten yours!

Love you too!
~Robin <><

Robin ha detto...

Hmm...I'll keep that in mind then.
James' friends = unsafe...

~Robin <><