venerdì, novembre 11, 2005

The First Texas Gig

Tonight we played for King Solomons Royal Tea Tasting here at the tea room. It was the first time that I Merisha and I have played together since arriving here. It was nice to have a chance to play again...I wondered if my fingers would remember the notes there for a minute!
Unfortunately, only two people showed up for the tea tasting. What a bummer. It was supposed to be a "date night" sort of thing. Though we couldn't very well call it "King Solomon's Date Night" for OBVIOUS reasons, I guess women were having a hard time getting their men to go to a tea room. Figures. Maybe next week will be better...we'll have to do some advertising for it.
It was suggested that perhaps our playing might be to blame for the lack of business. How nice.
It was still fun, though, for all that I played for three hours to practically no one. Good practice, I suppose.


~Robin <><

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Anonimo ha detto...

They just didn't know what they were missing, Robin! The music was beautiful, whether or not it was wasted on us ("practically nobody")! :-)

Mrs. McDonald