mercoledì, novembre 23, 2005

Happy Thanksgiving!

Well, it's really not Thanksgiving yet, but it will be in 30 minutes. Close enough!

Tonight I arrived in Mississippi after a ten hour trip, which was supposed to be six hours. The traffic was awful.
Anyway, it has been wonderful getting re-acquainted with my darling cousins and eating fudge. I've taken lots of pictures and I'm not slowing down (much to Emily's dismay)! I know I keep promising to post pictures...BUT...I bought CD's yesterday to load the pictures onto, so I'm one step closer! Hopefully I'll get someone to show me how to post these pictures up so you can all see my wonderful family.

Tomorrow is "Thanks-mass"and we are are very excited! Thanksgiving dinner, plus Christmas gifts. How lovely!

Well, I must go now...I'm abandoning Chelsea and Emily. An awful thing to do, considering we see each other only once a year! Oh well, they're having quite the time talking about movie clips.
Hello to my Texas family...I miss you guys!

~Robin <><

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Jessica McDonald ha detto...

We miss you too, Robin!!! Come home soon, please!
I hope you're having fun.
God bless!!!!!