domenica, febbraio 05, 2006

Eighteen Things I've Learned

For my 18th birthday, I decided that I would post 18 things that I've learned through the years. Unfortunately, I don't really have computer access on the weekends, so today (my first day back at work since my birthday) will have to be close enough to February 5th.
Of course, this list is not exhaustive nor is in any particular order :)

1 Mom really is always right
2 Attitude is everything
3 Love is a choice
4 Hard times will either make you or break you
5 If you want to make a difference in the world, don't try to be like everyone else
6 You can't change other people
7 Living your life for Christ is the most effective tract
8 Patience is a virtue. If you are patient with angry people, they change their tone like a light
9 Nothing good in life comes without risk
10 Life is fleeting
11 Sometimes you just have to say no
12 Friendships take a lot of work
13 Trust is essential in any relationship. The closer the relationship, the more trust is required
14 Memorizing a book of the Bible isn't as hard as it sounds (yes, I finally finished it!)
15 Contentment is key in every circumstance
16 Everyone sees and loathes everyone else's inconsistencies and hypocrisies, but usually fail to see their own
17 Debating and challenging ideas is helpful to define one's own beliefs
18 Living 14 people under one roof is fun

~Robin <><

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James ha detto...


Is today your birthday, or is it coming up, or is it passed?

Either way-

Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday dear Robin! Happy Birthday to you!

*noise makers* *w00t* *more noisemakers* *scattered clapping*


James ha detto... was the 5th. I can read, really.

Robin ha detto...

Thank you James! I hope your little sister had a happy birthday as well, I know it was just one day before mine.

emily ha detto...

omg HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I had it written down but you know how those things go. I've been rea busy--I have to email you back! But your 18 list sounds awesome, I might do one for my 16! I miss you and love you so muuuch. and maybe we'll see you at grampys birthday bash in march?

Darth Bluejay ha detto...

Thats really cool!
Happy Birthday!

Robin ha detto...

Thanks for the Happy Birthday comment! You should do one for your 16...that's coming up soon, isn't it?
And, yes! I can't wait to be reunited with you guys in March.


Jack ha detto...

happy Birth day!!
also i second the notion of #7

Shelby the beautiful ha detto...

Robin, my beautiful wonderful friend, I've recently made a fine discovery.
YOU'RE BLOG! (To all people reading: I'm Shelby, Robin's amazing, slightly scandalous, loving friend from Lafayette, LA.)
Anywayyy, I've bookmarked it and I'll be dropping in to leave you random comments to make you roll your eyes.
Love you like a ditz loves glitter,like a monkey loves bananas, like a Jeff loves annoying girls.