venerdì, febbraio 17, 2006

Tiffany's 20th Birthday

Today I will make a belated post in honor of the twentieth birthday of my very dear friend, Tiffany.

Always up to the most difficult challenges with a smile, she is diligent, kind, loving and long-suffering. Her quest for christlikeness is apparent in how she treats others, and her strength of character shown every day.
Through these last 125 or so days, not one has ended with strife between the two of us. Quick to offer a hug during hard times, and always quick to forgive when I've failed, I am honored to call her my friend.
From the "unforgettable cranberry molds" to frolicking down Fry, it's been real!

Happy Birthday, Tiffany. It has been an honor to live, work and worship alongside you for past four months. You are, and will continue to be an inspiration to me.
I love you, my dear Tiffany. Our season of constant acquaintance may be over, but our friendship will never be.
God bless in this coming year!
~Robin <><

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Simply Tiffany ha detto...

Oh, Robin dear...

Must you let the whole world know of our silliness!!! ;-) I'm afraid they already knew, or kind of knew, and you've just confirmed their fears...

You are too sweet, and it is such an honor to know you and count you among my friends. I will remember our days together forever and they will always have a special place in my heart, as will you.

Your friendship means more to me than you will ever know.

May God richly bless you, dear, as we both go our ways to the Eternal Kingdom, where there we shall have no fear of tears, sorrow, pain, and parting.

I love you.


Shelby the breathtakingly beautiful. ha detto...

Hey, you've been frolicking with other people?!?! Oh well, your friend sounds like she's worthy of frolicking with you.
Lent is coming up soon! We must contemplate our Lenten mortifications for the 06 year. Give me a call girl!
I hope you're doing well. =)
In His Love,

James ha detto...

Happy Birthday, Tiffany!!

Whats a cranberry mold? Why are they unforgettable? Or do I want to know?


Robin ha detto...

Yes, she's definitely worth frolicking with :)
Let's see...Lent. Perhaps you should give up sugar again. That was easy, wasn't it? (I'm remembering you eating doughnuts in the middle of the day and saying you could eat it because it was "breakfast food". Hmm.)
And yes, I shall call you. Actually, how about today!

For one of the dishes at the tea room, the menu reads "Served with an unforgettable cranberry mold".
Cranberry molds are sort of like cranberry Jell-O, except with added ingredients. When they are set to chill, we pour them into different shaped molds.
As to what made them especially unforgettable one particular day, you probably won't find it very interesting, but I'll tell you if you'd like. :) It's probably one of the "had to be there to think it's funny" type things.

~Robin <><

James ha detto...

You've sparked my curiosity. I won't be able to live comfortably without knowing what made the cranberry molds unforgettable.


Robin ha detto...

Your wish is my command. Check your e-mail and you'll find The Tale of the Unforgettable Cranbery Molds. :)