giovedì, marzo 23, 2006

Blogging on the Road: Update 2

A quick update to let people know what's the latest scoop.
Several weeks later than first anticipated, we are now in Mississippi with my grandparents.
My grandfather's birthday was made wonderful by the addition of all of his children and all but three of his grandchildren. It was quite a surprise for him!
Unfortunately, the day after his birthday, while all of the family were still in, I came down sick with some sort of sinus infection. Not fun. The sore throat and congestion were livable, but when I woke up one morning with my eyes red and glazed, I knew something had to give. After several days of walking around looking as if I've been crying my eyes out, I was no better. So yesterday we went south to see my loved and trusted doctor from New Orleans. As expected, I was given anti-biotics and a couple of other things to clear everything up. By last night, I was feeling much better.
When we got back to Mississippi, I was on the sofa relishing how I could lay down and still actually breathe when I felt something pop in my eye. "Does this never end?" Sure enough, a blood vessel had popped in my right eye. Wonderful, just wonderful. No my eye has a huge (well, it seems huge to me), rather frightening and quite unattractive blood spot on it. I'm assured that it will eventually clear up on it's own but I (being ever so patient) am having a hard time finding this as comfort.
So here I am, perfectly useless (anti-biotics always knock the life out of me) with not much to do but think of my woes and ponder the sins of vanity and pride.

We had an insightful meeting with Angie Matherne from Destrehan Plantation yesterday and she had many wonderful ideas for us. I'll keep you posted as things start happening.

~Robin <><

3 commenti:

James ha detto...

Robin! I'm so sorry! Glad you're feeling better.

Wow, a blood vessel popped in your eye? I didn't even know that was possible. Does it hurt?

Robin ha detto...

Well, it doesn't hurt very much, but it definately feels strange.

Leah ha detto...

So sorry you're ill, Robin! Get well soon,