venerdì, marzo 03, 2006

The Elephant in the Room

It looks as if everyone else has a new post up, so I guess it's about that time!
The reason that I haven't posted is the fact that I haven't had a whole lot to say.
I sit down in front of the computer screen and say "What shall I post about today?" I sit for a moment thinking that I'll have a revolutionary idea to post about any minute. Nothing comes to mind. I type out a few words, move them around a bit and end up deleting them all. "Why this lack of blogging inspiration?" I wonder aloud. In the end, I close the window, and repeat the saga the next day, sure that this time something bloggable will soon pop into my head.

At one point I realized that the reason that I didn't have anything to say is because of the elephant in the room. Ah, yes...that! We've all had those experiences, right? Something happens that everyone knows about, but no one talks about because it's awkward.
It's like a huge elephant standing right in the middle of the living room that everyone avoids mentioning. "What's that elephant doing in the middle of the room?" people wonder. No one else says anything, so everyone just sits there acting like everything is perfectly normal. Funny how that happens. I think having elephants in the room, while slightly unnerving, has its humorous aspects.

Most of you know by now what the elephant in the middle of my life is. Just in case you've missed out, I shall make a statement of the obvious.
As alluded to in my last post, we have moved and are no longer working or living in Katy, TX.
Everyone has the same question: "Why?" Their concern is evident, and the question is a perfectly logical one.
However, I shall save all of you dear people the trouble by stating up front that for the sake of all of us involved, the particulars of the events surrounding our move are better left unsaid. In short, things have not worked out as we had hoped.
But just because I'm not telling you, don't imagine the worst! Be assured that I have many wonderful memories of this season and will think back on it with joy. I will remember it with joy because of what I've learned and experianced, but most of all because of the people I've grown to love.
Yes, of course, there have been trying times but I daresay the tears of sadness and anger because of them has ceased. I have been given gladness for mourning and peace for dispair.

The second most asked question is "What's next? Where do you go from here?" Hmm, another perfectly logical question. Every time I hear it I cringe before giving the true answer: "I don't know."
Your prayers are welcome during this time of transition. Just as I believe that it was the by the direction of God that we moved to Katy in the first place, I am confident that He will guide us again in our next step.

~Robin <><

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Your hair curlin, P&P watchin, Cathlic buddy = ) ha detto...

Hello my darling!
I want to see you and your mother and sister so badly! I want to talk to you and eat Runyan choco chip cookies and look at Civil War apparel! Y'all are constantly in my prayers and I love and miss y'all more each day. I have faith that the Lord will lead you in the best direction. I also have faith that we'll see each other before we're in wheel chairs! = ) Please stay joyful and again I love you so much!