lunedì, aprile 24, 2006

Keeping up with the times!

I AM: hid with Christ in God
I WANT: to see the world
I WILL: appear with Christ in glory
I WISH: I didn't have a headache
I HATE: stupid movies
I LOVE: playing music or singing with my sister in a room with wood floors
I MISS: lots of people
I FEAR: marrying someone who turns out to be a jerk
I HEAR: complete silence. A welcome relief after spending 5 hours listening to the Baptism Debate
I WONDER: why sincere, learned, God-fearing people come to different beliefs and convictions
I REGRET: not practicing my instruments more when I was younger
I AM NOT: hungry
I DANCE: any chance I get. In fact, I taught a historical dance today
I SING: all the time.
I CRY: on rare, heart-wrenching occasions
I AM NOT ALWAYS: patient
I MAKE WITH MY HANDS: practically nothing. I'm not very handy
I WRITE: on my blog, but especially letters and e-mails.
I CONFUSE: Farmer James
I NEED: dark chocolate (my new favorite indulgence)
I SHOULD: get off the computer and get stuff packed to move
I START: tons of books
I FINISH: almost none of them
I TAG: Tiffany, Christa and Jessica (if they'd like to, of course)

3 commenti:

shanna-kaye ha detto...

ahola chica!! it is me, ur lil cuz. hey, i like ur post. i am stealing it and posting one bout me on mine. ttyl

Robin ha detto...

Nice to see you in Blogdom. I'll be watching for that post. If I'd thought of it, I would have tagged you, but I keep forgetting you have a blog!

~Robin <><

Leah ha detto...

"I MAKE WITH MY HANDS: practically nothing. I'm not very handy"

Robin! That is so not true. You crochet beautifully. :-)