domenica, settembre 24, 2006


Yesterday was the first day of autumn. This makes me very happy because I’m finding that being such northerners now (we’re quite a bit north of I-10 now, you know), we have much more season differentiation than I’ve ever known.
To my surprise, we have already had several very nice cooler days! Even in August we had some that were cool! This is a strange new experience for me, but I’m finding that I will very much like having four seasons.
Our autumn and winter clothes come out of the attic…out with the white and pastels, bring on the dark and dramatic! I love season changes.

~Robin <><

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James ha detto...

It was FREEZING this morning. I went out this morning without a shirt to go let the chickens out, and couldn't stand it for more than a minute. It's nice when the sun gets higher, but I HATE cold mornings... This is not normal for September. I remember my skin boiling off during the Washington Parish fair in October. Oh...are ya'll going to the fair this year? I can already taste those rootbeer floats.

Robin ha detto...

It was cold here this morning as well. We had to bundle up to go for our walk and I was very happy :)

Oh yeah, is that going? I know a recent batch got eaten, I guess you've replaced them?

As far as the fair, I'm not sure. When is it? It would be fun to come!

~Robin <><