lunedì, settembre 11, 2006

I Remember September 11, 2001.

I remember being thirteen years old as I watched on live TV the collapse of the World Trade Centers, saw the destruction of the Pentagon and saw the field where United flight 93 was crashed.
I remember the shock, the confusion and the terror on everyone's faces.
I remember wondering if there would be more attacks.
I remember the prayer services of churches all over the country being packed out.
I remember hearing of people standing in line for 6 hours to give blood.
I remember the floods of flags hanging poudly everywhere, as far as I could see.
I remember our country standing united.

It's been five years now, but it seems like yesterday. Like yesterday when our country was attacked, when thousands of people died, when I had something in common with every single stranger I saw or talked to.
Five years, but I still found it heartwrenching to see the pictures again, to read quotes of people who called from the planes and World Trade Center to say good bye to their families, to read accounts of the families left to carry on.
Though the country is again divided and splintered, I remember the day that brought everyone together.
I remember September 11th.

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Robin ha detto...

My blog is messed up

James ha detto...

Good post. It's a very vivid memory for me as well, and that's saying something, my memory is so bad. Definetly not something you forget easily.