sabato, settembre 02, 2006

Thought provoking reads

I find that a strange thing happens to me when I go to the library: I always seem to leave with at least one book on the holocaust.
In fact, I just finished Schindler's List. As I finished the last page, I thought to myself that it was one of the most troubling books I've ever read in my life. The only book more troubling was Let Me Go, an account from a German woman about her mother who was in the SS and, now in her eighties, still showed absolutely no remorse about the inhumane things that she personally did to the prisoners.
I've also read several accounts from survivors of the camps.
They are all from different perspectives and very thought provoking.
I wonder how the desensitization process can go that far, to where you give barbaric treatment without even hesitating. I wonder how people can survive that kind of treatment. I am amazed at how much humans can really handle, the will to live. I was very surprised to find out that many of them did not even believe in God and I wonder how in the world anyone could go through those circumstances without Him.

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