mercoledì, settembre 21, 2005

Blogging on the Road...

After returning home at 4:00 pm on the day of the last post, we emptied two VERY repulsive refrigerators, packed up some of our things, got a few hours of sleep and jumped in the car early the next morning to check out rather or not we should move to Houston.

We stayed with one family for about a week or so (it's hard to keep track of days at this point), then headed off to stay with the McDonald's.We have been having a great time with their wonderful family. Their daughters are quite delightful, but are also REAL PEOPLE, which I wasn't sure at first if that would be the case. I guess since they're pretty well known (at least in the Homeschool community), I figured they must be snobs who never broke a smile. Quite the opposite, I assure you! They even do historical dancing...a typical Townsend Ladies' favorite.

We've worked at their store, Books on the Path (, almost every day to try out working there. It's a very nice store, and the tea room is coming along quite nicely – it’s getting busier and busier!

Anyway, we're considering this as a possibility and continuing to pray for dierction and guidance in this very large decision.


~Robin <><

4 commenti:

Christa Marie ha detto...

I can assure you dear Robin, we are NOT SNOBS!!!! I am enjoying having your family here! Blessings!

Christa Marie

Jessica McDonald ha detto...

Thanks, Robin. You're so sweet! I hope you stay with us forever.

Robin ha detto...

Forever is a long time, my dear! When you are sick of us I shall bring you back to this comment and say "See? This is what you once thought!"

~Robin <><

James ha detto...

Aren't repulsive refrigerators horrid? Luckily, I haven't had too much experience with them. But the odor of one is a thing that never leaves the remeberances of the olfactory nerves. I hope they weren't too full...

BTW, I know no one checks it anymore after my long absence..but I posted on my blog again!

Oh, and hello Christa and Jessica!