venerdì, settembre 23, 2005

"It'll go East"

My favorite statement whenever a hurricane is coming is: "Don't worry; it'll go east...they always do." So far, this has been true. Even Hurricane Katrina did veer east, away from home, at the last moment. It wasn't far enough east to keep 80% of New Orleans from flooding, but my statement still stands true. I am now in Houston, and it looks like this one will go east from us as well.

Tonight we watched Master and Commander with the McDonald family (Mr. McDonald wanted to watch something with weird weather in it). I slept through it. Not that it wasn't a good movie, but I had seen it before and knew that I wanted to stay up and watch the hurricane come in tonight.
Now the whole house is asleep except me and Mom. There wasn't enough weather action to keep anyone awake.

We bought lots of stuff to sew while we're here, dresses, aprons for the store etc.
Perhaps I shall learn to sew. Who knows?

(30 minute interlude)

I have just returned from coaxing Emma (almost 3) back into bed. She woke up and realized that she was no longer in her mommy's bed. Poor thing, she's afraid of the hurricane.
She was quite easy to bed back down, though. All I had to say was "Would you like me to lay down with you?" Ah-ha! I have found the golden ticket. I was a bit surprised that she was so easily comforted...usually when kid's want their mommy, nothing else will appease them.

Anyway, perhaps tomorrow (er, later today might be more accurate) I will post some pictures. Won't that be exciting! Jessica has said that I can use the pictures that they have been taking of our families and that she will show me how to put them on my blog! Yay!

If this post is incoherent in places, notice the time and remember that I am not typically a night owl :)

Until next time,

~Robin <><

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