giovedì, dicembre 01, 2005

The Completion of Merisha's Ninteenth Year

Today is the ninteenth birthday of my sister, Merisha.
To celebrate, she has started her own blog! The address is
Isn't that lovely? She just posted her first post.
I will let you read her blog to inform you as to the special gift she received from my mother and me this birthday.

Anyway, today has been an interesting one. It ended with a bang when Merisha's birthday cake totally flopped. It looked awful and tasted even worse.
In retrospect, it was actually quite funny. Most of us were in the living room when Jessica came in offering cake. I was curious to see the different reactions of the family, so I observed from my comfy spot on the sofa. Everyone tried to be gracious, but James' reaction was quite humerous.
He took one bite, tried to keep a straight face then stood up and carried his plate into the kitchen. Now, I don't claim to be the brightest person on the planet, but I'm not that stupid. He ate another bite or two then dumped it in the trash.
Christa's reaction wasn't much different. Jessica came up with some strange description of it, which I have blocked out. The little kids licked the frosting off, but left the cake.

After all of this, what else was there to do but dump the thing in the trash? Nothing! So that is exactly what I did.
Several minutes later, Merisha goes in to get a piece of cake. Uh-oh. I had forgotten to give someone a piece. "Um, didn't get any yet?". "No, I was too full after dinner" came the reply. "Oh. Well, um, I sorta ditched it. It was gross, didn't you see it? Look, I'll make you another one tomorrow, okay?"
Merisha didn't care (and believe me, if she had tasted the thing she would have been on her knees thanking me), and was satisfied by my promise to try again tomorrow.
Everyone else gave me a horrible time about throwing it away, though. Ah well, such is life!

So at the end of this fiasco of a day, I had two choices: Cry or Laugh. I chose the latter.
The way I see it, Merisha is the best sister I could ever ask for. She is always ready to serve and sacrifice, strong in her convictions, kind, loving, and continuously striving towards Christ-likeness. With that kind of sister, how could any day be a flop?
So Merisha, I hope you enjoyed your birthday, despite your sister.
I pray God's blessing for you today and always. I wonder what this next year will hold? ;)
Ti volio bene!

~Robin <><

4 commenti:

Merisha ha detto...

Aww, my sister is so sweet. I love you.

Jessica McDonald ha detto...

Happy Birthday, Merisha!!!

Avalon's Fountains ha detto...

Robin, Robin! I can't belive you give your allegiance EVEN earthly to this country! I mean, thats my whole thing against doug phillps. He's like GO GO GO U.S! I like america and all but I plege my power to God and then to my people (thats the British Celts of the late Latene' period)!

Not no country! Then he's the faith of our forfathers, WHAT!!! What about all the germans? they can be all happy that their fathers were Nazi? HUH! Yeah, I know he means thince were all amerianca we can be happy that our fathers fought for this country. Well I find that wayyyyyy to nationalistic (is that a word?) And if I fought in a war it would be for God, and if God wanted me to.

'Your Freind Even Though Doug Phillps Is Kinda Weird'

Robin ha detto...

Since we live in America, you are free to not only think but voice whatever you wish on the subject.
Though I disagree with your stance, you're entitled to your own opinion.

I don't understand why everyone goes around telling me what their problems with Doug Phillips are. Just because I believe him to be a faithful man of God, it doesn't mean that I think that he is infallible.
I do respect him very much, and the fact that he is patriotic doesn't change that.

GO GO GO US!! :)

~Robin <><