venerdì, dicembre 09, 2005

Mom's Birthday Pictures

The long awaited pictures! It has taken me forever, I know...but hey...better late than never!

Getting ready to cut the cake...

Emma (3) awaiting her piece.

A very rare occurance: Mom saying "Too much chocolate!"

Too much excitement for at least one member of the family.

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Leah ha detto...

But we need a picture of you, Robin! :)


Avalon's Fountains ha detto...

You did say any thing about the forefathers thing, and I still think you should not give your earthly allgence to any country. I give mine to the people *not* the goverment of armercia. I would put my self as a barrier between the people of my country and my kin of old, but not tie my self to a goverment. Unless I was a goverment figure and then I would be trying to shape this land back to God and (Celts!) Joking.

Poeple tell you thier things against Doug Phillps, because you know doubt have read A LOT of his stuff and can *maybe* *kinda* speak for him.

'Guy Writing A Book About Celts And At Page 8'

Robin ha detto...

Since you asked, I shall post one of me on my next post.

I think you have already made your point that you disagree with me about my patriotic stance.
Both of our opinions remain unchanged, so I think we should leave it as it is.