sabato, dicembre 17, 2005

Thanksmas 2005

Our Thanksmas (Thanksgiving/Christmas combination) celebration this year was held at my Grandparents house in McComb, MS. Here are a few highlights.

Our Thanksmas tree. One of the best parts of Thanksmas...FUDGE!! Emmy enjoying a bit.

Us Girlies...Emily, Merisha, Robin and Jane. These are all of the girls in our generation except one.

Grandpa and Me

A grandkid's tradition in our family: 5,000 games of clue!

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Avalon's Fountains ha detto...

Thanksmass... uh ok. If you call me Evan (young warrior!) for short then, ok.

Gotta love clue.

P.S) check your email.


Avalon's Fountains ha detto...

Forgot to say...

I'm a Swamp Celt! (thanks)

Leah ha detto...

Hi Robin,

Judging from the pictures it looks like you had a lovely celebration. Your tree is interesting and unusual,(I had to tilt my head to one side to realize this) but of course a Thanksmas tree ought to look different from a Christmas tree. :)

Speaking of unusual trees, Miss Rosemary is officially decked out for the holiday season as of two days ago. She even has an angel this year.

Merry Christmas!

Avalon's Fountains ha detto...

Robin! Robin! (X50)


I CAN"T TAKE IT AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. Saint Patrick's breastplate is a great peom but saint Patrick did not write it! Counsult 'Let Me Die In Ireland' by David (?????) it's in christain book cataloges and stuff, but that was *NOT* written by him (read my post on him if ya want some good facts) No one knows who wrote it but it was not him. Sorry but for reasons I'm sure you know this sort of thing pains me great...

P.S) I tried to comment on jessaca's blog but it took fifteen minutes to load half, maybe its the pictures...

'Guy On Page 25'

Robin ha detto...

Yes, the Thanksmas tree intentionally looks different from a Christmas tree. We usually have the big Christmas one, but this year we decided that we wanted the distinction preserved :)

I'm glad that Miss. Rosemary is decked out and ready for Christmas. I'm sure she looks lovely.

I'll have to let Jessca know of her gross error. I'm sure she will be obliged to make it right. ;)

~Robin <><

Shelby ha detto...

Wobiinnnnnnn! Omgoodnesss, Merisha's harp is LOVERLY. And she's playing it in a red dress, hmmmmmmmmm. Haha, I know I'm scandalous. Anywayyy, y'all have to come see us as soon as you can! Because I just can't take this withdrawal much longer!
Love you like a money loves bananas!!!

Shelby ha detto...

Um, I meant "monkey" not "money" because money doesn't really like bananas. =X