venerdì, dicembre 09, 2005

Random Pictures

More pictures!!

The sunset on the way home from Thanksgiving. Ahh! I love sunsets almost as much as I love sunrises!

Me in my new winter garb.Abby and Me modeling our new hats.

Second Peter, the adorable of son of Peter Allison, one of the elders in our church.
Sometimes after church, the young people will gather for a Psalm singing. At the time of this picture, Mr. Allison was joining us (far right)

4 commenti:

Jessica McDonald ha detto...

Peter II is such a doll!

Anonimo ha detto...

lovin the pictures.
lovin the hat!
send me the pictures if you get a chance, dearie!
tell yo momma and sista i said i love them!
merry early christmas!

Avalon's Fountains ha detto...

Poor kid...

ummm... nice hat,


Robin ha detto...

Now there is a statement that we can agree on! :)

~Robin <><