lunedì, aprile 10, 2006

The Great Fall of Merisha

I had just sat down at the computer when Merisha walked in. I told her that I was going to write a post and she replied "About what, your stupid sister?" I replied no. After all, there is nothing stupid about going running in huge, baggy, ankle length koulots that you've fallen and hurt yourself badly in at least once before...right?
She is hitting me. Oh well.

After a stressful evening last night, Merisha and I slept in a bit this morning. When we woke up, we decided to go for a walk (which we do every morning). We walked down my grandparents driveway and started down the big hill just to the left of their house. I usually ran this part of the way, so I suggested that we do it this time. After all, it's a lot easier to run down a hill than to try to walk it. "You wanna run this part?" I asked. Her taking off was the only reply I needed. I was just slightly ahead when I heard something screeching behind me. I looked to see Merisha rolling like a barrel down the hill and off to the ditch in the side of the road. I screamed and instantly felt responsible for the accident. "Why did I have to suggest running? Now Merisha's hurt and we can't finish our walk!" Then I took a close look at her. Her arm was really torn up and one of her fingers was already huge with swelling. "I think it's broken" she said. Wonderful! A harpist with no left index finger! How can we gig now?

It turns out that it doesn't look broken, and she can move it fine (except for the swelling). Now it is now purple though, which is a tad disturbing, but she thinks that she can still play (just not with that finger).
So now we just have to make long sleeves for her ball gown and it everything should still work out fine. Thankfully, her face wasn't at all injured and the scrapes should be on the road to healing before our next gig.

Never a dull moment!

~Robin <><

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merisha ha detto...

you are mean to me.

Christa Marie ha detto...
Questo commento è stato eliminato da un amministratore del blog.
James ha detto...

Come now, be honest! Did she fall or was she...pushed??? *plays suspenseful music*


I'm so sorry for you! I'm glad it's not broken, and hope it heals fast and ya'll don't miss any gigs because of it. We'll be praying for your recovery! Push her back next time.


That's no way to get comments! If you want comments, you want as many people linking to you as you can.

God Bless y'all,


Christa Marie ha detto...


Please let Merisha know I am praying for her. Check your email!

Love you!

Robin ha detto...

How did you know?? :)

I shall!

~Robin <><

Leah ha detto...

Poor Merisha. :( Is she better?

Robin ha detto...

Yes, quite a bit better.

shanna-kaye ha detto...

hello. merisha i am sorry u got hurt. didn't that happen wen u wore them in arlington? hehe. maybe u should get rid of the pants, then u wouldn't have this prob. hehe.