venerdì, aprile 15, 2005


After getting on for the past several days and checking all of my favorite blogs and seeing nothing much new, I decided that I shall be the first to put up a new post, and hopefully, everyone will follow my wonderful example.

Anyway, from the title, I'm sure you are expecting me to talk about something besides people posting on blogs, and I shall not disappoint you.
I have now seen 4 performances of the play Cinderella in the past few days, and will see two more before it's all said and done. I have been going around bursting into song "THE PRINCE IS GIVING A BALL!!!" and "Do I love you because you're wonderful, or are you wonderful because I love you?" for obvious reasons. Needless to say, Rodgers and Hammerstein's Musical, Cinderella, has - against my will - been perminately engraved on my mind.
Doubtlessly, you shall all be interested to note that my mom has made a complete turn in her view of the story. She very much disliked Cinderella, but now absolutely loves her. She has even figured out a way to make the romance between Cinderella and Prince Charming biblical. At first I though she had lost her mind, but after considering it, they really are some interesting observations.

For one thing, the Prince expressed discomfort with the idea of dancing with "all of those candidates, all of which think that they would be a perfect princess for me". He said that whoever he married, it definitely would not be one of those girls. He refused to dance with anyone at the ball, and was completely uninterested in anyone in the room...until Cinderella came in. When he saw her, he knew that she was "the one" and wasted no time marrying her. Though I think that 10 minute courtship is a tad short, it was interesting that he didn't want to get to know her for 2 years before he married her.
Of course, since their relationship was based on "love at first sight", I had to quickly object. After discussing it for a little while, I discovered that I do, in fact, believe in love at first sight...though I hasten to add that I in no way think that it always works out that way. I think that you can know very quickly (dare I say instantly?), rather or not this is a person that God would have you marry. So maybe that isn't exactly considered "love" at first sight, but it sounds better than "knowledge at first sight".
Anyway, I also think that, often, we do not know for quite some time rather or not we are suited for someone.
Though this is only a fairy tale and had no religious agenda, it was interesting to note some key points. Cinderella was different from the other girls because she gentle, kind, yet hardworking as opposed to the flirtacious and aggressive other girls.
So, even though a dear friend told me on Sunday that she didn't think that people are "meant" for each other, being a good Calvinist (and not to mention, a hopeless romantic), I think I believe otherwise. I think that just as Adam and Eve were meant for each other, Joseph and Mary were meant for each other. Just as Christ and the Church (which human marriage represents) are meant for each other, each of us have someone that God has designed us to marry.

Of course, I know that many, if not all of my readers totally disagree with me, but I figured "oh well, it's my wouldn't be mine if it weren't at least a little bit controversial"


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James ha detto...

"Do I love you because you're wonderful, or are you wonderful because I love you?"

I used to sing that to Snapper all the time. :P

Anyway, being a good Arminianist, I tend to think that just like we choose to love God we choose to love each other :P

Robin ha detto...

An Arminianist today, eh? :D

For clarification, I do think that love is a choice. That is why I gave my "knowledge at first sight" disclaimer. You can choose to love someone that you don't particularly like, or someone who has hurt you, but I also think that you can know if someone is right for you upon first meeting them (in theory, though I've rarely met anyone who knew THAT quickly). Of course, they will fail and you will have to choose to love them anyway.

~Robin <><

P.S. I do choose to love God, but I love Him because He first loved me (1 John 4:19). And by the way, I have chosen Him too (though He chose me first) :D

Avalon's Fountains ha detto...

I think I'll have to side with james, but thanks for makeing me think!