sabato, aprile 09, 2005

My Sister

As Robin is not here, and cannot prevent me from saying what I will on her blog, I am taking the opportunity (that her modesty would prevent) of telling all the wonderful things about her that she will never tell you about herself.

I am of the opinion that my sister is the single most fascinating person in the world.
Most obvious is her ability to relate to anyone, anywhere. Okay, perhaps that is a bit of an exaggeration. Let us say that those that she does not easily relate to are the exception. In any case, she can always find common ground, from the 2 year-old, to the cousin with Palsy, to the cool relative or friend that I can find close to nothing to say to, to the sad-eyed old man in the nursing home. People that most would shrink away from, she embraces and loves.

She had the ability from a young age to relate to children, (a much envied gift by yours truly). She is going to be a wonderful mother, for one because (obviously) she loves children, and thinks them a great blessing. When everyone else is saying “go away and leave us alone” she wants to see what fascinates them, and has the ability to share the wonder that they find. At the same time she posses a will of iron that no 2-year-old will ever over ride, yet for some maddening reason the just love her all the more.

Something else about that will. You may as well forget compromise, she stands for what she believes in. Yet somehow (don’t ask me how) she doesn’t come across as self-righteous.

I think that I may have pin-pointed my love of Jane Austin. Her books are like a commentary on life by Robin. Witty, discerning and fun. Though I must say that Robin has a little more compassion than Miss Austen seems to have possessed. Robin is all that is charming in Elisabeth Bennet. (but she won’t fall for Mr. Wickem)

All in all, let it suffice to say that she is practically faultless, unless she happens to do something that annoys me, in which case it is all her fault. In honesty, she does so well with the faults that are native to her personality (as Mr. Darcy says, every disposition has a tendency to some particular evil) that they rarely plague even those to whom she has the most opportunity to show them. (translation: me) She even is a good enough sport to reenact and listen my long-winded theories on why the South was right.

She is my dearest confidant, my truest friend, and my favorite companion. She is a jewel of great price, and I am more than thankful that I have the privilege to be the person who hitherto knows her best. (or so I flatter myself)

Merisha <><

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James ha detto...

Ah, I love Robin, too. :) That was a really sweet tribute to her.


Leah ha detto...

Oh, the above was posted by me; I forgot to sign in as myself, though. :)


Avalon's Fountains ha detto...

Ah, so Leah you concede that you go online as James and post stuff on his blog,

I always thought that his blog was so profound, that it had to be you!

James ha detto...


You got it backwards. I wrote Leah's blog as well as my own. :P
I also write Robin's.

You may have trouble believing this, but I really write yours too.

I never really realized just how wonderful Robin is. Thanks for the enlightening post :P

Merisha ha detto...

Your welcome. Everyone should realize it.

Notice, Christian, that James did not even claim to have written my profound posts.

Merisha ha detto...

or maybe they are so bad he doesn't want to be stuck with the stigma

James ha detto...

When I said I wrote Robin's blog that included you profound posts as well.

But...if you DID create a blog I could claim to have written it too, if you like.
Please, please, please create a blog? You know you want to!