venerdì, aprile 08, 2005

The Guest Blogger

Hello everyone. Robin is in Alabama and has graciously given me permission to post on her blog while she is gone.

Every once in a while I will think "if I had a blog I would post on (fill in the blank) but I'm not doing a great job remembering any of it so.... hum. I am debating whether to be profound or to be frivolous.

I have decided. I shall take the middle road (you know, the one that tries to please everyone and in the end pleases no one).

Mom and I are watching Pride and Prejudice this week while Robin is gone, because Robin is heartily sick of it, and I'm not. I was struck anew with the quality of conversation that Jane Austin gives her characters. (I am always delighted by deep conversation) The utter civility expressed on every occasion (even the occasion of having a proposal refused) also impresses me. I shall insert here for your enjoyment one of my favorite classic Jane Austin conversations:

Alas, it is too long to copy and paste, so I shall post the link:
Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen: Chapter 10

If anyone cares they can go read it, and if not, it will be no loss.

Perhaps I should say more on the subject, but I shan't, because I have other things to do, and time, cruel time, flies on, headless of my attempts at blogging. Besides, I have no more to say

Fare thee well, good friends,

Merisha <><

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JANE ha detto...


Avalon's Fountains ha detto...

Christain here! is Robin back are is Merisha posting still? and who posted on my blog, Robin are Merisha?

B.P.S (B Stands for blog)

Make sure to comment on my Saint Patrick post!


Robin ha detto...

Merisha has posted on my blog while I'm away, but since I have internet access where I am now I was able to read and comment on yours.
Hope that clears up the confusion :)!

~Robin <><

Avalon's Fountains ha detto...

Ok! Thanks!

James ha detto...

``Nothing is more deceitful,'' said Darcy, ``than the appearance of humility. It is often only carelessness of opinion, and sometimes an indirect boast.''

Believe it or not, someone quoted this in response to me once :P

Anyway, Jane Austen does have very pleasing dialogue.

Merisha ha detto...

Poor James, you are so misunderstood. I don't know how anyone could ever say such a thing of you. O:)