lunedì, aprile 11, 2005

Home at last!

Well, my dear readers, I have returned home-sweet-home this evening.
I had an absolutely splendid time. There are not many things I enjoy more than visiting with my cousins. They have a unique way of impressing me and uplifting me even though we see things very differently. I still get along surprisingly well with all of them.
I am occasionally annoyed and disheartened by some of their choices but there is something about the fact that we're family that makes me extend more grace to them and not want to judge them, just help them.
What made it most wonderful is the one-on-one time I had with each of them. Usually, we see each other only at Thanksgiving. There are TONS of people and you only get around to small talk and surface conversations (which I can't stand). Only at around midnight, if me and one of them can stay up until everyone else in the room is asleep, can we get any deep conversation in.
This trip, I could sleep, and still get awesome conversation time in! It was very exciting to see how the schedules worked out to where I had at least a couple of hours, if not more, with each of them individually to have some time to get to know them better. I prayed for opportunities to be blessings to my cousins and to get to deepen our relationships, and I felt like I had some of that going on, at least with a couple of them.
So, anyway, it was a very exciting trip and I didn't want to come home (at all), though it was good to see my mom and sister again.
Well, I hope that I shall see all of you again very soon. It shall be nice to see everyone again...even James, which I thought I should mention because Merisha just told me that both James and Leah told her on Sunday that they didn't think I liked him. All I could do was sigh and lift my eyes towards heaven and think "what can I do to be a better friend?" I decided that the more I make it a point to be nice, the more people think I can't stand him (though I insist that there was never any insincerity in my niceness), but since that seems ineffective, I shall try being very mean to him for a while and see if that remedies the situation. Haha, never could work! Just kidding (this has reached exasperating-to-the-point-of-humorous to me), I shall just keep trying to prove my sincerity. I keep telling myself that eventually everyone will understand me, though it's looking like it'll most likely be heaven before that time. Ahhhhh, the woes of being misunderstood!
My cousins understand me though...yet another reason to adore them! :D
Ciao everybody!
~Robin <><

6 commenti:

JANE your cousin ha detto...

I love Robin

Merisha ha detto...

that makes two of us

James ha detto...

That makes three of us!


I know you like me! I like you, too! I wasn't being really serious when I told Merisha that. I guess I'm too loose with my speech.

Robin ha detto...

Nah, I had a hunch that you were kidding, but you never know!

Avalon's Fountains ha detto...

Howdy folks, glad you are back and that makes four of us!

Robin ha detto...

Well, I feel very loved. We should start a TV show called "Everybody Loves Robin" don't you think?

~Robin <><