giovedì, ottobre 20, 2005

Howdy Y'all!

Fear not, dear friends I didn't turn into salt as I left New Orleans. Of course, I didn't look back (just in case), nor have I acquired a Texas drawl.
The reason that you haven't heard from me is because I have been SOOOO busy.

Since I got here in a nutshell:
Mr McDonald, James VI, Mr. Hildebrandt, and one of the Allison sons came down and packed us up into trailers and moved us here. On the way, we had a blow out. Of course, I (who have been driving since July) was the one driving at the time. Typical, isn't it?
We were traveling with walkie talkies, so we called Mr. McDonald and James to come back and help us. It was a trip, and we didn't get home until 11:30 (and had a very late dinner).

Just a few days after we got here, the family who was running the tea room resigned. We now are at the tea room sometimes until in the wee hours of the morning getting prepared because there is just so much to do. It's getting better as we are learning the systems better etc., and we are still so grateful to be here.
The McDonald family is full of very wonderful and very distinct people and personalities. Here is my take on the oldest 5:
James VI - well, I really don't know him personally at all, but he does a great job on the magazine! :)
Christa is sweet and quiet. She's sensitive, and very loving
Tiffany is JUST like me (yeah, I know you're terrified now) but we get along great
Melissa is quiet and loves to be at home caring for the children and house
Jessica is a TRIP! Quite the Drama Queen. She's always smiling and spreading good cheer!
The younger ones are too young to really have much differentiation.

Anyway, this hasn't turned out how we expected (because of the resignation etc) but we're still thrilled to be here and settling in to our new home.

~Robin <><

PS The Astro's won and are going to some kind of big baseball thing. Everyone's thrilled. Go figure.

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James ha detto...

I am very glad to hear you didn't turn into salt!
I mean, I know Christians are the salt of the earth and all...but lets not overdo it. :P


Simply Tiffany ha detto...

lol...Great post, Robin. You just keep me laughing! :) It's so nice not being the only "weird" one in the house... ;-) Love you, Robin.