venerdì, ottobre 14, 2005

"Remember Lot's Wife"

Well, today is the day! The men will be here this evening to load up our stuff, and tomorrow we will head across to Texas.

As we draw so near to the day when we will be gone from New Orleans, I have really worked up an understanding for Lot's Wife. Here I am living in a city that is well known across the country for it's wickedness and perversion, but yet, there is something about it that I know will want to make me look back as we leave.

I always wondered "Why in the world did she look back? That place was so evil!"
The Bible doesn't tell us why she looked back, but if it's anything like my attachment to New Orleans, she looked back because it was home. Because the city was captivating and interesting. Because she had friends there that she was leaving behind. They were wicked, no doubt, but a certain portion of her life was spent in this place with these people.

Of course, an angel didn't come to my house and tell me to leave New Orleans and never look back, and I'll not pretend to think that it's as bad as Sodom (though some would disagree with me), but I've always known that whenever we got out of this place, it would be a deliverance.

So, we are being delivered tomorrow :)

I wonder what the next year will hold?

~Robin <><

2 commenti:

James ha detto...

Well, as you drive off, don't look back anyway. Just in case.

(we got our phone back, btw)

Anyway, goodbye dear Townsends! Have a safe trip!

Avalon's Fountains ha detto...

voepkgfHowdy Robin! Happy departings!

P.S) Don't marry any one with a Texas draw! Don't get one your self too!